Underrated 90's TV shows

Underrated 90's TV shows

Cover Story | Often when we think of 90’s tv shows there are several that come to mind immediately. Shows like Martin and The Fresh Prince are no brainers for the best Black shows of the decade, but there are a few that fly under our radars. Many of these shows were really good but get overshadowed in our memories by other more prominent shows. I think it’s about time they get showed some love.

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Keenan and Kel (1996 – 2000)

I’m pretty sure this show gets overlooked because it aired on Nickelodeon which generally catered to a younger population. But if you were like me you still tuned in because the show was still funny. The humor was a little juvenile but let’s not act like we weren’t watching other shows on the network (I loved Are You Afraid of the Dark). Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were both stars on another Nick show, All That, before getting their own spinoff. The show centered around Keenan coming up with a variety of wild get rich quick schemes and Kel finding a way to screw it up. To be fair it wasn’t the best show, but it doesn’t even get mentioned when we talk about 90’s tv and it certainly wasn’t that bad.

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Homeboys in Outer Space (1996)

Now I know that I was making a case for why these shows were actually good and should be shown more respect in the world of Black 90’s television. I don’t have an actual case for this show being in that space, but I really liked it. It’s one of those shows that was so bad that it was kinda good. It’s like the 90’s tv version of Soul Plane: It’s not really a good show but it still entertains me so I’m ok with that. I mean… the premise of the show should tell you not to take it too seriously. Tyberius Walker (Flex Anderson) and Morris Clay (Darryl M. Bell) are traveling through space in an old-school hooptie with wings. It was only on for one season, but that was enough to make an impression on me.

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Malcom & Eddie (1996 – 2000)

To be honest, this may be my favorite show on this list and I’m confused as to why more people don’t rock with it the way I do. The show centers around Malcolm McGee (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) and Eddie Sherman (Eddie Griffin) sharing an apartment above a small bar and car repair shop that they both own in Kansas City. In the show, Malcolm is the cool-headed partner while Eddie comes up with the crazy ideas which usually don’t go as expected. Eddie Griffin and his frantic styled humor complimented Malcolm’s more casual demeanor while supporting cast members like Karen Malina White and Jaime Cardriche added their special flare to round out the cast. Any way you look at it the show was good and deserves more love during barbecues and house party discussions.


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