The Players Club: Review

The Players Club: Review

Cover Story | I shouldn’t have been allowed to watch The Players Club when it was released in 1998. At 12 I don’t think I was able to understand the mature content on display, and my impressionable brain was not prepared for Diamond (Lisa Raye) and the drama going on in her life. While the violence, sexual themes and language may have been a little advanced for me as a preteen, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie.

While rewatching I realized that some of the acting may not have been the best but the storyline was compelling enough to overlook it. The Players Club, like other Ice Cube directed films of the decade, showcased an all-star cast of Black actors, actresses, and comedians like Jamie Foxx, Adele Givens and Bernie Mac.  Diamond is a single mother trying to provide for her young son and is tempted by the fast money she could earn by leaving her job at the shoe store to start a career on the stripper pole. Her cousin Ebony (Monica Calhoun) eventually decides she wants to pursue the lifestyle too and soon after things take a turn for the worse. Ebony gets convinced by a couple of rival dancers to participate in some questionable activities at a private party, and things head downhill from there.

The Players Club (April 8, 1998):

Director: Ice Cube

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