The D'Angelo Effect

The D'Angelo Effect

Picture this. It’s 1995 and you’re in the car riding with your friends. It’s a beautiful day out and you all are jamming to the radio. All of a sudden, this smooth voice hits your ears. You’ve never heard this sound before, but it’s a vibe. It’s mellow, raw, and so enticing immediately you want to hear more. That ladies and gentlemen is the D’Angelo effect. Over the past 25 years, D’Angelo has brought us some amazing music and live performances to go along with it. And let’s not forget the videos. Whew!!! I vividly remember one of my sixth-grade teachers swooning when Untitled (How Does it Feel) came out. She legit forgot where she was for a minute. As we approach his upcoming Verzuz, I thought it would only be right to highlight a portion of his incredible catalog to get us ready. So sit back, relax, and let D’Angelo take you away. Enjoy!

Brown Sugar


Me And Those Dreaming’ Eyes of Mine

Untitled (How Does It Feel)


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