The Best Man: A Fan Favorite 21 Years Later

The Best Man: A Fan Favorite 21 Years Later

It’s been 21 years since The Best Man appeared on our screens. Wow! Can you believe that? The Malcolm D. Lee film takes us on a journey filled with friendship, betrayal, laughter, and forgiveness. It includes the amazing cast which consists of Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Melissa De Sousa, Harold Perrineau, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, and Regina Hall. This film has twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Let’s take it back to October 22, 1999, and revisit The Best Man.


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The film opens up with Taye Diggs and Sanaa characters Harper Stewart and Robin. They have been in a committed relationship for two years and Robin has started to get the itch. You know the one, the marriage itch. You see, Harper is leaving town to attend his best friend’s Lance Sullivan’s wedding played by Morris Chestnut, and while she doesn’t directly say it, you can tell that Robin hopes this wedding will persuade Harper into wanting to marry her. Harper, an author has just completed his first novel titled Unfinished Business, a loosely based tell-all about the lives of him and his friends. This is where the drama begins. As Robin takes Harper to the airport for the weekend’s festivities, she compares herself to one of the characters in the novel stating that she’s nothing like her. Harper reassures her that the woman she is comparing her to is a fictitious character based on women he’s known. We later discover that this fictitious character is none other than Jordan Armstrong (Long), his college best friend who he may or may not have tried to get with back in the day. Jordan possesses it all, beauty, independence, she’s driven and has just the right amount of sass. As Murch (Perrineau) and Harper driving into New York, it is revealed that Jordan has obtained an early copy of Harper’s book. Thus leading to more secrets coming out of the closet. As the film progresses we’re introduced to Quintin (Howard), a playboy who can’t seem to get his life together, Shelby (De Sousa) Murch’s longtime girlfriend and master manipulator, and Mia (Calhoun) the blushing bride to be with secrets of her own.

 Harper foolishly dedicates his first novel to them, unprepared for the tumultuous turmoil he has caused and tries to retrieve it back. The storyline builds as it is revealed that Harper and Mia had sexual relations unbeknownst to Lance his best friend and her fiancé. Jordan also has a few tricks up her sleeve. She tells Harper that she wants to sleep with him, as she felt their missed opportunity has risen again. Harper agrees and they make plans to meet later that night. At the bachelor party, a drunken Murch tries to take Quintin’s advice and break free from the reins of his manipulative girlfriend. It is then we’re introduced to Candy (Hall), a dancer who Murch is completely mesmerized by. Harper finally gets his hands on the book, only to be caught by Quintin as he puts it into his pocket. As Harper enjoys himself at the bachelor party, his jacket is tossed on the ground and Lance discovers the book. He locks himself into the bathroom to read while the others are having fun. When he finally figures out what we’ve known a long, all hell breaks loose as he tries to kill Harper beating him into a pulp. He calls off the wedding and a bloody and bruised Harper makes his way to Jordan’s house. Jordan ready for the night’s festivities is obviously upset, as she and Harperdiscussed what went down. After a heated exchange, she smacks him upside of his head and goes to bed.

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In the film’s last scenes, they take us to the wedding where Lance has stayed true to his word about the wedding being called off. Robin reluctant to help Harper after he planned to cheat her, works with him to try and buy some time. Using the only thing Harper knows will get Lance’s attention, he convinces him to marry Mia as she deserves to be forgiven. As the love between Lance and Mia are celebrated, Harper realizes what he must do and asks Robin to marry him and she agrees. 










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