That’s So 90s!

That’s So 90s!

COVER STORY | While we reminisce about the music, movies and tv shows that take us back to the 1990s, there were other contributors to the glory of that decade. I’m going to touch on a few of my favorites here.

iMac G3 | Courtesy of Google


The iMac G3 was huge in the late 90s. The bright colors and translucent covering that made it stand out for many. Or it may have been the exclusivity. At the time many people were still using floppy discs (remember those!) and the iMac didn’t come with a drive compatible, so a lot of people didn’t or weren’t able to make the change. I remember people back then being just as pretentious as people are today about their apple product (No judgement. I also have the phone/tablet/laptop Apple kit). Although the line of colorful Macs discontinued in the early 2000s, it was enough to help boost apple into a profitable entity.

Stereo System | Courtesy of Google


Now I know people currently have stereo systems. Most of which are of better quality and more sophisticated than what we had back in the 90s. If I would’ve asked my speakers to play Pony by Genwine… nothing would have happened, and half the time I lost the remote and had to run up to turn the volume up when my song came on. But these youth will never know the joys of recording your favorite songs off the radio. Or running out of blank tapes, so you put some tissue or tape at the top and had a brand new one! I think one of the most exciting days of my youth was when we got the 5 CD-changer, double cassette system, with fast dubbing. For those who may not remember fast dubbing was basically if you were recording one tape onto another, it would speed up the playback until it sounded like the Chipmunk Christmas CD, but it took time off the recording and everything sounded fine on playback.

The Box | Courtesy of Google


The Box: An all-digital jukebox! It’s genius! I would spend a lot of free time in front of that tv hoping the next number that scrolled across the bottom of the screen would be one of the videos I wanted to see. I usually kept a few that I had an affinity for (beggars can’t be choosers, and I wasn’t purchasing anything back then). One of the downsides was you were completely at the whim of the paying public. Whatever they paid for you were watching.  But one of the coolest, unintentional effects that had was opening me up to new music. While I might’ve been waiting for Toni Braxton or Bone Thugz N Harmony, I had to sit through some Alanis Morrisette before it came up. I ended up gaining an appreciation for different styles of music, in part, by this.

Of course, this is only a few of the items that made the 90s so special to so many people. I’m sure we’ll much more to come, and those days may be forever gone but they live on through us who keep them alive. (Alexa, play Montell Jordan, This Is How We Do It)

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