That's so 90's (Part 2)

That's so 90's (Part 2)

Cover Story | On the last chapter of That’s So 90’s I touched on a few standouts that made it such a memorable period for a lot of us. While the iMac G3, disc changer stereo systems and The Box music television station were all important during the time, we still have plenty of other contributors to consider. Here’s a few more that came to me.

Tamagotchi | Courtesy of Google


Tamagotchi (1996 – present)

You know how some things are incredibly popular, but nobody really knows why… that’s what Tamagotchi’s were. These hand-held digital pets came from Japan but were soon a hit in the U.S. and bugging the shit out of teachers and parents alike in the late 90’s. It seemed like the only people who weren’t interested in playing with these miniature monsters were individuals who had their own little creature(s) at home to feed, entertain, discipline and clean up after.  I remember a lot of schools actually banned the toy because of how much attention it garnered from its students (and probably that annoying noise that it would make too).

NWA | Courtesy of Google


Gangster Rap

Hip-Hop heads will argue for hours about the which era of rap was the best. Although I wouldn’t include myself in the aforementioned group of music aficionados, I have even found myself caught in these debates a time or two.  No matter which era you rolling with, one opinion that’s widely held about that time is that it was the golden age for gangster rap (I never cared for that term, but it was widely used during that time). From artists like Nas and 2Pac to groups like NWA and The Wu-Tang Clan, 90’s rap was filled with lyrics about violence, drug dealing and misogyny. But it sold. It was by far the most lucrative sub-genre in rap music at the time and constantly made headlines. It even drew the ire of Oprah, Bill Cosby and Presidents like Bush (either one. I’m sure neither of them were fans) and Clinton. However, none of this stopped the popularity of the music or the influence it had.

Michael Jordan

I won’t bore you with stats here because I know everyone isn’t a fan of basketball. What I will do is remind you that Michael Jordan was more than a basketball player in the 90’s; he was an icon. Being the leader of a team that won 6 championships during the decade would have been enough for almost anyone’s legacy. But after the 1992 Olympics, where Jordan led the Dream Team to a gold medal, he became so much more. You couldn’t sit through a tv show without seeing the “Like Mike” commercial. His signature shoes were flying off the shelves faster than Nike could restock, and he starred in a hit movie alongside Bugs Bunny! I don’t know of too many people with a better decade than that.

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