Straight To The Room: 90’s Sexiest Songs Pt. Two

Straight To The Room: 90’s Sexiest Songs Pt. Two

Annnnnnnnnd we’re back! It’s time to turn things up a notch with our sexiest songs of the ’90s. For the second part of this list, I chose to go a little deeper (all puns intended). These sexy songs that don’t hold back. They are steamy, bold, and have lyrics that’ll keep it hot all night long.There’s a reason they’re on my favorites list.  If a bundle of joy pops up after listening to these songs, feel free to name them after me lol.

H-Town- Baby I Wanna

H-Town came out the gate swinging with this one! Dino’s sexy vocals will have you swooning as he croons how he wants to make love to you. Oh Babe did you say something….sorry I got lost thinking of all the things this song makes me wanna do.

Intro- Come Inside

The amazing men of Intro created one of the most sexiest song I’ve ever heard. Kenny Greene’s voice is pure seduction. If you can make it to the end of the song, you’re in for a nice surprise. Let’s just say things got a lil explicit. But hey we’re grown and know exactly what time it is.

Shai- Sexual

Shai brought the heat with this song. It’s full of smooth harmonies and lyrics that’ll have you tossing clothes everywhere. It’s on the softer side and a great choice for when things really start to heat up. Don’t believe me? Have a listen for yourself.

TLC- Let’s Do It Again

Whew this song right here! I don’t even know where to begin. From T-Boz’s raspy, sultry vocals to Chilli’s moaning ad-libs, this song oozes sex appeal. The ladies will have you and your partner wrapped in ecstasy. Oh babe you ready for round 2? Well let’s replay this song and do it again and again and again…

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