Space Jam: Review

Space Jam: Review


Cover Story | Who doesn’t remember Space Jam? It was a combination of two things I loved growing up: Basketball and Cartoons (and we’ve been hearing the talks of part 2 with Lebron James coming soon). Even with all of the accolades that Michael Jordan accumulated leading up to his 1996 starring role, Space Jam put the NBA superstar on another level. It made Mike more than a basketball player, he became a superhero as he played for the freedom of the Looney Tunes against the Monstars.

Swackhammer (Danny DeVito), the owner of planet Moron Mountain, was looking for new talent for his amusement park themed planet and thought that the Looney Tunes would make good attractions. Bugs Bunny and his associates decide to bet their freedom on a basketball game because the alien invaders seem to lack the skills needed for the sport (they were short and unathletic). To put the odds even more in their favor, Bugs Bunny and company recruited the best basketball player on the planet, Michael Jordan, to their team. The Monstars stole the powers of some of the best NBA players of the time (Shawn Bradley, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Bird) in order to tip the scales in their favor. The pride of the Toon Squad (plus the skills of MJ and Bugs’ “special stuff”) ended up being too much for the opposing team.

The nostalgia of Space Jam is more appealing than the actual movie. I loved seeing my favorite basketball players on screen, but it reminded me that they were basketball players and not actors. Overall,l Space Jam is entertaining. The “real” actors/actresses do enough to make the athletes not stand out so much, and that’s enough for me.

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