Songs That'll Make You Fall In Love

Songs That'll Make You Fall In Love

There’s nothing I love more than seeing people in love. It just brings a certain warmth to my heart, especially when it’s the cute old couples holding hands or sneaking kisses. There’s just something about having that special someone to share your life with. Since the great day of love is right around the corner, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite songs that’ll make you snuggle up close with your special person. Without further adieu, here we go.

The Sweetest Thing- Lauryn Hill

This song reminds me of the beginning stages of meeting someone. Where everything was…well sweet. It was all about the simple things. The kisses, the glances, the slight touches that made you smile in the middle of the way with the very thought of them.

Kissing You- Keith Washington

This is one of those songs that you play when you are deeply in love. Washington’s voice takes you on a musical high as he professes his love. It gives you a reassuring feeling, that you are wanted, needed, and desired. Kiss me away Mr. Washington.

Someone to Love- Jon B. and Babyface

Two amazing stars came together on this song about finding that special person you don’t want to be without. It was a declaration and realization that their lives are better having that loving person in it. Their smooth voices blend together effortlessly and we all know that Babyface doesn’t make bad songs.


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