Shows We Love: Christmas Edition

Shows We Love: Christmas Edition

Cover Story | The holidays are special because they bring people closer together. People travel across the country and the world to reconnect with those they love. 2020 has made this more of a challenge. Lockdowns and health concerns have forced people to share a meal over Zoom and wish their loved ones well on social media instead of in-person. One activity we can still participate in is watching our favorite Christmas-themed shows. Here are a couple of mine.

Will and the Champ | Courtesy of Google

The Fresh Prince “Deck the Halls” Season 1 Episode 15

In this episode, Will (Will Smith) had the right idea. While everyone else was being an adult about a holiday in which we celebrate an overweight man sliding down chimneys to deliver presents to the young people in our lives, Will fully embraced its festive nature. He returned some uppity, overpriced decorations the Banks’ had previously purchased for more traditional ones (including several Black Santa statues) and asked Santa for Vanessa Williams as a gift. His only misstep might’ve been getting into a heated phone conversation with one of the neighbors that turned out to be Evander Holyfield (all that tough talk stopped once the champ pulled up). And in the end, it was a group of local carolers that brought everyone together. Well, them and an appearance by President Reagan who also admired Will’s decorative choices.

Girlfriends | Courtesy of Google

Girlfriends “Merry Ex-Mas” Season 4 Episode 11

I’m not really sure of the moral here, but it made for entertaining Christmas television. Joan (Tracie Ellis Ross) was getting the girls, and William (Reggie Hayes), into the holiday spirit by practicing for a caroling expedition for Christmas. The only problem is she’s pushing them too hard, which results in everyone quitting except for William, who ended up losing his voice before the big day anyway. Meanwhile, Maya (Golden Brooks) invited her ex and his new boo to a Christmas party (is this ever a good idea?). On top of that she catches the new boo out creeping with another man. Eventually, the ladies forgive Joan, Maya and her child’s father come to an understanding and he decides to overlook the cheating. I’m all for happy endings, but I could only wish to be as forgiving as anyone in this episode.

Sister, Sister | Courtesy of Google

Sister, Sister (Christmas) Season 3 Episode 12

“Soupy” Campbell (Sherman Hemsley) is in town to visit his family for the holidays, or so they thought. Actually, he was hiding from a loan shark he owed $1,000 to and didn’t tell his son about the trouble he was in. He ended up getting a job, working as the mall’s Santa, in an attempt to get some quick cash to pay off his debt. Unfortunately, the moneylender found his hiding spot which led to Tia, Tamera and Lisa (Jackée Harry) paying off his debt for him. However, Soupy was so good at playing Santa that he received a bonus from the gig and a position at USC (University of Santa Claus) and was able to pay his granddaughters and Lisa back every cent they used to pay off his debtor. Cute ending but I’m sure he still ruined everyone’s Christmas.

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