Players Rapping and Rappers Playing

Players Rapping and Rappers Playing

Cover Story | Sports and Hip Hop have had a strong connection since the 90’s. From professional boxers (i.e. Roy Jones) to NBA players, more and more athletes are trying to have a foot in both worlds. Basketball may have the most examples of this. We’ve seen rappers hooping and professional ball players being influenced more and more from the music industry. While it lead to some memorable moments, most of them did not lead to successful crossover careers. Metta World Peace, Allen Iverson

Master P

We all know Percy Miller (Master P) for his No Limit record label. He was the founder of the company as well as one of its most prominent artists. As far as his basketball career, he never played in a regular season game. He was on the preseason roster for both the Charlotte Hornets (1998) and Toronto Raptors (1999). While his achievements on the court may have been short-lived, it was a big achievement at the time because P was already 31 years old.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe was one of the fiercest competitors when it came to the basketball court. He dominated the NBA for years but early on he decided to give rap a try. While not his most successful fete, he at least got to make songs with Brian McKnight and Tyra Banks. “Hold Me” was a single off McKnight’s 3rd Studio album Anytime.

Shaquille O’Neal

While he has fewer championships than Kobe and less musical success than Master P, Shaq may be the most accomplished collectively. He is a platinum-selling artist, 4-time NBA champion, and a whole lot of other accolades (including accomplished actor). He also had several memorable freestyles, including a battle-like diss to Kobe Bryant that got him fired as special deputy by the Sherriff in Maricopa County Arizona.


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