Meteor Man: Review

Meteor Man: Review

Cover Story | There are movies that shouldn’t resonate with me the way that they do. I should have left them in the 90’s like super donuts for breakfast, but for whatever reason I watched The Meteor Man and was still really entertained. What continues to make it such a good movie is its portrayal of what a superhero was. We all grew up on Superman, Batman, etc. bringing justice to bank robbers and threats from outer space, but Jefferson Reed (Robert Townsend) not only was black, but he lived in the hood. Then he got hit in the chest with a meteor, became superhuman and decided to do something about the gang terrorizing his neighborhood.

With a cast of notable names, including Eddie Griffin, Marla Gibbs, and Don Cheadle The Meteor Man has a lot of memorable moments. Griffin’s timing and chemistry as Michael, Jefferson’s best friend, was great. Their personalities really played well off of each other and Townsend was able to transition between comedic scenes and his inspirational monologues without issue as well. All of the characters had scenes or moments that added something special to the film however, the Golden Lords are still what stands out the most to me after over 27 years.

Golden Lords | Courtesy of Google

The Golden Lords were a local gang that terrorized the community and were led by Simon (Roy Fegan), who’s only redeeming quality is his sense of style (even the teen “Junior Lords” and younger members “Baby Lords” were pretty clean). Leather jackets, black and gold suits, etc. were the daily uniform for the ruthless crew of men ranging from adult to barely school age. Simon’s nice suits didn’t keep him from bullying the residents and using violence and intimidation to get his way. The Golden Lords targeted kids as well as adults to both intimidate and indoctrinate into their organization and demanded obedience from each of them. They were an all-around bad group of blonds with decent fashion sense.

Meteor Man | Courtesy of Google

Thanks to Jefferson’s accident with the meteor he had all the superpowers he could’ve wanted. He was bulletproof, could fly, had superhuman speed and could instantly learn any book’s contents by touching it. Even with all of his powers he still needed the entire community in order to take Simon down like James Earl Jones throwing vintage albums out of his window and Bill Cosby barking attack orders at the neighborhood dogs.

The Meteor Man (August 6, 1993)

Director: Robert Townsend


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