Jason's Top 5 Most Overrated 90's R&B Songs

Jason's Top 5 Most Overrated 90's R&B Songs

COVER STORY | Over the last five weeks, I’ve had tons of time to listen to more music. Although the pandemic has been tough for us all, it also has given us all time to sit back and cherish things that are important to us. For me, I’ve had a chance to listen to way more 90’s R&B music. Before I start my daily tasks, I pull out my iPad and find a playlist to jam to. We all know that when we turn on a playlist, there will be songs that we instantly skip. Today, I am going to name my TOP 5 most overrated R&B songs. So sit back and relax — this here is for the culture. Don’t take anything I say in this article overly serious. I chose to have a fun writing style. It’s therapeutic. Let’s get to it!

#5. Pony x Ginuwine – I’ll admit, I really like this song. It’s on the same album as my favorite song, “Only When Ur Lonely.” If you haven’t seen my TOP 5 90’s R&B songs, watch it! Anyway, I’m adding Pony here because white people love this song entirely too much. I remember being in college and “Pony” coming on and all the white girls started dancing off beat in unison. I am honestly flabbergasted at the fact that they could pull that off. When they hear this song it’s almost equivalent to them hearing that song that says, “Pour some sugar on mehhhhh.” Dog, you want to see white people go crazy… just toss on “Pony” at a random function.

Ginuwine | Courtesy of Google Images


#4. Poison x BBD – Yeah I know! #Blasphemy. Hear me out though… I saw my ex absolutely lose her mind to this song at a birthday party and ever since then, I’ve hated this song. No disrespect to her but her limbs were way too active for me that night and it made me hate the song. Honestly, I’m not a fan of uptempo R&B music. This song is the cream of the crop of the most overrated R&B songs.

BBD | Courtesy of Google Images


#3. This Is How We Do It x Montel Jordan – Can someone please tell me why this song is so popular? Please! I’m willing to give you a 90’s R&B trivia game. Montell Jordan’s limbs are way to extended to be making R&B songs. He should be dunking or blocking shots. The tempo of this song just makes the skin on my bones quiver. I guess I understand it getting a party started but if it’s going to be considered a 90’s R&B song then I’m going to hold it to a certain standard.

Montell Jordan | Courtesy of Google Images


#2. Return of The Mack x Mark Morrison – When I was a kid, I thought Mark Morrison and Shabba Ranks was the same person. NO lie! This is one of those songs that you heard it so much until you hated it. My boiling point was when the song became the signature song for a Burger King ad. I never want to hear this song again.

Mark Morrison | Courtesy of Google Images


#1. I Wanna Sex You Up x Color Me Badd – This song has its place in history and that’s on the ‘New Jack City’ movie and soundtrack. This song bothers me on so many levels. I can’t even describe it. All I know is, as soon as this song comes on, I exit the premises immediately or I find the nearest bar. I’ve actually banned this song from playing at our 90’s R&B Karaoke Concerts.

Color Me Badd | I Wanna Sex You Up



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  1. I thought it was just me with “Return of the Mack” and I’m cracking up at you banning “I Wanna Sex You Up” from karaoke. Yeah, your “Poison” selection is deflee blasphemy lol, this was entertaining though!

    1. LOL! Next Karaoke Event we gonna play ‘I Wanna Sex You Up’ and watch how the people react lol

  2. Bro u were 4 for 5 Poison is FOREVER a classic… One day we’re not gonna debate lol

    1. LOL! You got to let me know what’s your top 5 most overrated songs.

  3. I agree 100 % with Color Me Bad… HATE that song!! Lol Unfortunately it’s one of those songs you know the words too but don’t know why. Lol

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