It’s Going Down with Brandy and Monica

It’s Going Down with Brandy and Monica

COVER STORY | Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! The time is almost here for the highly anticipated battle between Brandy and Monica. When I tell you my jaw dropped when I saw the post, I was beyond excited. Two of the biggest 90’s icons going toe to toe with all of their top hits? We are not worthy of the greatness that is about to drop. Staying true to the 90’s era, I’ve decided to round up a few songs to get y’all ready for this historical night that’s about to take place. Turn your up your speakers, and let’s take it back to the mid to late 90’s. 

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I Wanna Be Down

Whew if shoot your shot was a song. Brandy came out the gate swinging with this one. This song is more than just a simple crush on a guy or girl you like. We’ve all been in a situation where we meet someone and they are a really cool person. We kick it for a bit, then someone starts to catch feelings. It’s a classic story. Brandy gave it to our line after line. She sings,

“I would like to get to know if I could be

The kind of girl you that you could be down for

Cuz when I look at you I feel something tell me

That you’re the kind of guy that I should make a move on” 

In that debut single, Brandy let us know that she may be young, but she knows exactly what she wants. Go ahead and shoot y’all. Cuffin’ season will be here before you know it. 

Angel in Disguise

Can we start off with the soft crescendos? Oh, and the background vocals by Joe? Straight fire! On the Rodney Jerkin’s produced track, Brandy sings about being in a relationship and her man has fallen for someone else. This woman turns out not to be who he thought she was (hence the title) and breaks his heart. Dude got played y’all. Brandy lets him know her love for him has never changed and she’s still there. Sometimes, it takes a heartbreak to realize what you really have. Tread lightly. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

Sittin’ Up In My Room

From the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack produced by Kenneth ‘BabyFace’ I don’t do remixes Edmonds, comes a fun, uptempo, track that just gives you good vibes all around. On this song, Brandy has been hit with the love bug and wonders if the guy feels the same way (I’m starting to see a recurring theme here). She sings that she’ll be sitting up in her room until she’s able to get with the guy she likes. Now, Brandy, I have a few questions that need answers. Nonetheless, this song is a banger and will leave you reminiscing about those teenage puppy love days.


Don’t Take It Personal (Just one of Dem Days)

Where do I even begin? Monica’s debut single summed up so much with just the chorus alone. At the tender age of 15, she was definitely on her grown woman ish with this song. What I love most about this song is that it is so relatable. I don’t know about y’all, I’ve had more than my fair share of days where I just wanted to be left alone. And for her not to want to project that negative energy onto her partner? C’mon now! We stan a self-aware Queen.

Why I Love You So Much

Vocals on vocals on vocals! That’s it! That’s the comment. Seriously, let me break this ballad down because ya girl was hitting. Monica sings about being in love with someone who takes pride in her being with him. There’s no sneaking, frontin’, or hiding, this love is on full display and dude is not afraid to show it. You know you’ve got a real one. This is that kind of love that makes you feel safe and secure, that love that you cherish, the love that every woman wishes for. Monica’s runs on this song will give you goosebump and have you feeling every single lyric. Bravo Monica. Bravo!!

For You I will

If you’re an 80’s baby like me, this song will immediately take you back to the movie Space Jam. Monica delivers yet again with this beautiful ballad. The runs, the falsetto, the emotion, she does not miss! Monica was definitely in her bag with one. Produced by David Foster, Monica sings about how she will do anything for her love. She will cross, oceans, be the sun in the sky, lay her life on the line. I mean what more do you need. She’s pouring out her heart, supporting you, showing up, letting you know she’s got you no matter what. Who doesn’t need that unconditional love? This is a timeless song that can be applied to so many different types of relationships. No matter where you are, I guarantee you’ve got that one person who will go to bat for you. No questions asked. 

The Boy is Mine

Now we cannot end without talking about the Boy is Mine. Brandy and Monica teamed up for a dope duet and even doper video. These two women are caught in an entanglement with their lover. The song starts off with Brandy confronting Monica about her man, Monica quickly lets her know that the man she’s referring to is hers. This song was a cultural phenomenon and even started a rumor that Brandy and Monica had beef and engaged in a catfight. Now I know y’all ain’t believe that. This song went on to spend 13 weeks on top of the Billboard charts and even earned the women a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. Wins, wins, wins all wins across the board!

I don’t know about y’all but I am hyped for this battle. I want to know who y’all got, Brandy or Monica?

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