If the 90's Were Now

If the 90's Were Now

Cover Story | I was thinking that in the 90’s, I secretly wanted to be grown. I mean, they got to legally buy alcohol, they generally had more money and cars, etc. All I wanted to do was be an adult so I could get into clubs like I saw them doing. In the 20 plus years since then, I still want that. I think that after ten and a half months of 2020, a lot of people would prefer to be back then (at least for a little while). I put together a few more of my favorites from the 90’s that I would enjoy today.

Drive-In Movies

Drive-ins were much more popular in the 90s than they are now, and I think that’s a shame. They were the best place for movies (depending on your vehicle), especially on a date. Y’all can have your conversation without people in your business, or you getting on their nerves. I know it’s not the best for the environment, but it has great upside you can bring your own drink/snacks and you get to control the temperature. There is one very large downside, however: the bathrooms. The walk to the bathroom is probably much further and you have to walk outside to get there. Plus, they’re usually pretty nasty. Besides that, it’s lit. Besides, it’s a great way to practice social distancing.

The Roller Rink

Admittedly, I can’t skate, but it looked fun back then. The atmosphere was always cool and the music was dope (the food wasn’t that bad either if we’re being honest). The DJ would occasionally play a good song and the real skaters would come out. Spinning and skating backward all while keeping their balance and staying on beat. And what makes the rink even better is that it has seats for people that can’t skate and an arcade for people who are tired of watching.

Freaknik | Courtesy of Google


I heard that there was a lot going on during this era that I’m mad I missed (except the diseases). It was the ultimate college spring break event for years. I heard about it in middle school and didn’t know whether or not I should believe the stories. A weeklong party that was filled with horny young adults, and lots of fire music. Unfortunately, they tried to turn it into a career fair or something in the mid-late 90’s. Of course, things are different now because of the coronavirus, but it sounded like a good ass time. Of course I’m too old to want to participate in anything like that now.

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