How To Be A Player: A Beast About To Get Busted (Review)

How To Be A Player: A Beast About To Get Busted (Review)
COVER STORY | Before YouTube, the 90’s had a few how to manuals in the form of entertainment itself. You had Biggie’s song, The 10 Crack Commandments, which told you how to move that work in the drug game. And another was Def Jam’s movie, How To Be A Player, which basically enlightened brothers on, if they didn’t know already, how to cheat, as well as told sisters what signs to look for in a cheating man.
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Packed with pure comedy, How To Be A Player, took us through a day in the life of Dray (Bill Bellamy) as he juggled through 8 women, meeting all their different needs while teaching us, the audience, how this is done successfully. Mind you, Dray did have a very beautiful, sweet, and successful “main” girlfriend Lisa (Lark Voorhies, before she went nip tuck on herself) and by “main” I mean the woman that he let his momma meet, but none of that mattered.

Now, I can’t lie. In ‘97 I had mad admiration for Dray as a character. He had a cold crib, a fun paying job, and chicks for days! As I teenager, I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. Now that I look back, I’m like ni**a, that was just too much work! Who even has time for all that!?

You ever dated two people that lived in the same city, on a holiday, that didn’t know about each other?  I have, and I’ll let you know, it’s damn near impossible to pull off. Hell, it turned me into Dave Hollister. Sings “I became a one woman maaannnnn…….” Now try 8 ppl in a day and see how that works. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

While this movie was very far fetched, because you’re definitely going to get caught, I enjoyed it a lot because of the comedy. From the late great Bernie Mac’s famous quote, “It smells like Badussy! Booty, dick and pussy” to him calling comedian Pierre a “Beige motherfucka” (another word for light-skin) and Dray’s encounters with his plethora of women and thirsty homeboys, you’re guaranteed to laugh from beginning to end.

If I had to take one real thing away from this movie, it would be for my ladies: You can be the baddest chick, be successful, cook, clean and be liked by his momma… But if ya man loves the game of being a player, then that’s just what he’s gonna be. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Enjoy the movie! It’s only entertainment… or not. LOL!

And BTW, if you’ve been caught cheating, or your girl suspects you to be a cheater, then this ain’t the movie to watch together. Too many questions will have to be answered – “Oh, this how ‘y’all’ do?” LMAO!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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