Halloween Traditions We Remember

Halloween Traditions We Remember

Fall is the best season of the year. The leaves on the trees start changing, bonfires are fun, it’s hoody season and of course, it’s time for Halloween. It’s in the top 3 favorite holidays. Maybe it’s because my birthday has just passed but I am feeling nostalgic. I have been thinking about how much fun the holidays were before we were so grown. Halloween was fun and it’s responsible for some of the best holiday traditions we have. Everyone gets all excited about decorating trees for Christmas or painting eggs for Easter but dressing up as vampires or whatever was entertaining (some of us still do it). So, I decided to share a few of my favorite Halloween traditions in the 90’s.

Haunted House | Courtesy of Google

Haunted Houses:

Haunted houses were one of the special parts of Halloween. Not many other holiday traditions were created to scare you. Haunted houses were so enticing because it took everything that scared you about horror movies and combined them all into one spooky looking house. It wasn’t on a screen anymore, you were immersed in it. I’ve seen people being escorted out of them because of fights (among the patrons as well as the actors and a combination of the two) and also because the level of scary was too much for some. If you were supposed to be afraid of something, you could usually find it at a haunted house. That includes spider webs, undead nurses and runaway serial killers, they were all present to scare the tears out of the weak.

Trick or Treating:

I know kids still trick or treat today, but it’s different than it was in the 90’s. My mom didn’t come trick or treating with me. I was outside with a grocery bag ringing on doorbells on the way home from school. All I see now are parents walking with their kids, making sure they behave and only take one piece of candy out of the bucket with the carved pumpkin face on it. There’s too much structure to it today. I don’t remember trick or treating times or routes. If you had a door, it would be getting knocked on until either I was too tired, or I knew I had to be home. Side note: Egging houses and/or TP’ing lawns was also a part of this tradition for some of us.

Amusement Parks:

Growing up amusement parks were really around Halloween. The trips with your friends were always the best, and a completely different experience from going with your parents. We would make plans at school as soon as the Halloween commercials started airing. Something about the holiday and roller coasters just works. In fact, one of the best parts of the Fright Fest were the zombies on stilts and killer clowns with prop knives running around trying to catch you slipping. The holiday entertainment was as much of a draw to the parks as the rides were.

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