Favorite Videos of the 90’s- Ladies Edition

Favorite Videos of the 90’s- Ladies Edition

COVER STORY | Hey Hey everybody what’s good? I’m back with part two of some of my favorite videos of the 90’s. This round is going to be dedicated to the ladies. We all know that women represented in the 90’s. They gave us looks on top of looks. Hair, body, style all of that. Have you seen the fashion today? All of the women look like they just stepped out of a Word Up spread. And you know what, I am here for it! Let’s take a moment and talk about sex appeal. We’ve got the game on lock. No disrespect to my fellas, but we just do it better. Oh, we can’t forget the vocals. The range is outta this world. (Ahem, Do, Re, Mi, Mi, Miiiiiiiii).You just feel it in your soul. They don’t make artists like that anymore. Alright, alright I’m done. Let’s jump into these videos and why I love them so much.

TLC- Red Light Special

Remember when I said that women are better at sex appeal? This video is a prime example. Strip poker, half-naked men, guitar solo? Yes, please! This video wins off of that concept that alone. True to TLC fashion, this video is fun, entertaining, and adds just the right amount of heat. I just want somebody to rub my feet the way ole boy was rubbing T-Boz’s. The black and white frames intensify the sexiness of the video and TLC are looking oh so beautiful. I can’t tell you how many red lights I’ve seen after this video dropped. You already knew what time it was. Left Eye flipping that table over gets me every time. 

Lil Kim- Crush on you 

“Lil Kim the Queen Bee so you best take heed, shall I proceed? Yes, indeed!” What else is there to say? Misa Hylton delivered on every single look in this video. Lil Kim looked gorgeous. The monochromatic look just blew me away. This video was so ahead of its time. That scene where she’s in the green? Hands down my look from the video. Lil Kim has always walked to the beat of her own drum, and this video proved why she will forever be a trendsetter. Don’t believe me? Check out your favorite female rappers today. I’m sure just about every last one of them has been influenced by the Queen Bee.

Toni Braxton- Unbreak My Heart

Alright. Let me just get my box tissues right now because this one is a tear-jerker. This video stars Toni Braxton and Tyson Beckford as a couple where Tyson dies in a motorcycle accident. Talk about emotions being all over the place. The video takes you through Toni’s grieving period as she mourns the death of her lover. What I love about this video, is that the concept is something people can relate to. It’s not for the faint of heart. Every time I watch the video scene where Toni is crying in the shower, it just does something to me. I feel every bit of it. I don’t know anyone (besides Mary J. Blige), who can make you feel that pain like Toni Braxton.

Janet Jackson- That’s The Way Love Goes

Janet! Ms. Jackson if ya nasty, brings us a smooth video to an even smoother song. What I love about this video is its simplicity. We’ve all been a friend’s house just chillin with our crew, listening to some dope ass music. Then, someone plays that one song and we all start to dance. The drinks are flowing, and everyone’s having a good time without a care in the world. It is simply good vibes all around. Janet is looking beautiful, flashing her million-dollar smile in a black crop top and black pants, showing off her toned abs. Oh, and a newly discovered Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance as well. Need a video that makes you reminisce about the good old days? Say less!

Mary J. Blige- Real Love

C’mon looks! Those oversized Malcolm X baseball jerseys, black shorts, knee pads, and boots will forever be iconic. I know I counted at least four different hairstyles. Mary gave us an amazing aesthetic, with the video being shot at night and the spotlight moving about. The silhouettes and how the light hits her face with the reflection of the gates in the solo scenes are my favorite. Can we talk about the choreography? They killed it! I was supposed to be in the video for the remix, to the remix, to the remix…but the way my knees set up, I had to sit that one out.

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