My First Concert

My First Concert

Cover Story | The concert fell on my sister’s birthday. It’s usually a big day for her, but this year the 27th was pretty much all about the concert for me. I was a teenager and about to go to a Ruff Ryders/Cash Money concert, this was life-changing. I didn’t put on my Phat Farm jean suit and all-white Air Force 1’s until my ride had arrived. The AF1’s were brand new; kept in the box until the big night. It was a Sunday, but my outfit had been picked out for a week and ironed the day before. I gave myself an unnecessary spray of cologne and made my way out to the limo (I don’t know why we decided to rent one). It was a 45-minute ride to the arena and the whole group was anxious to get there.

Air Force 1’s | Courtesy if Google

When we pulled up to Allstate Arena it was cold outside but there were plenty of people trying to get into the show. Fortunately, we missed the long walk from the parking lot to the door (because of the limo) and of course, we had our tickets well in advance (because our parents had to buy them). As soon as we got to our seats, I realized that this was a first for me. I had never been to a concert and this was one of the biggest rap shows at the time. I was patient through the long-ass wait between the opening acts and the main show because I knew what kind of night we were in for. At the time DMX was one of my favorites, but I liked Juvenile and the Hot Boyz too!

I don’t remember the order of the acts, but I can tell you that the Cash Money Millionaires came out first, after the intermission. Their set delivereed hit after hit. At that time they had plenty like “I Need A Hot Girl”, and “Ha” to keep the crowd into the performances. The Big Tymers, Hot Boyz. B.G. and Lil’ Wayne all had albums that had done pretty well, and Juvenile’s 400 Degrees was well on its way to 4x’s platinum. As soon as the music started it was an instant party all over the arena. At one point, a giant condom was inflated on the stage and people were called up to “back that azz up” on it.

DMX | Courtesy of Google


The Ruff Ryder’s came out next and the energy was still high. Juvenile had left the stage after the Cash Money set but came back out to do Down Bottom with Drag-On. Everyone was calling for him to come back and when he did everyone went crazy. The Lox were good, Eve was really good and DMX was more than I expected. His energy was always up, the famous prayer was intense, and he barked… a lot (of course I had seen him on television barking but it’s different in person). Overall it was a great night. I was still in 8th grade so it wasn’t as lit as it could’ve been, but one of the most memorable nights of my life, nonetheless.

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