Class in Session - Remembering Class Act

Class in Session - Remembering Class Act

“Hey Damita, I thought you were gonna play with my frog?” The 90s were filled with movies of grown-ass people playing with lab frogs in science class as high school teenagers. In the movie Clueless, those mofo’s were old! The movie, Juice, those cats definitely weren’t teenagers and didn’t even look like it! Then there’s Class Act. In the words of my man Mike Lowrey, “Mutha-luva (the BET version) you look 30!” Kid and Play were old AF when they did Class Act. But I guess that’s the thing to do in Hollywood, get older folks to play teenagers in movies for whatever reason (shrugs). I mean, it still happens today. But I will say, Kid and Play were “must-see TV” back then and after they killed House Party (1990) in which they also played teenagers, why not do it again in 1992 with the fun classic, Class Act.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say, Kid and Play gave Will Smith a run for his money in the 90s, as far as rappers who dominated the TV/Film industry go. I mean, 3 House Party movies, a cartoon series, and Class Act – I’d say I have a pretty strong argument here.

What is Class Act you ask? And why are we talking about it? No worries, I’ll tell you. I love movies that have memorable lines, as the one stated at the top of this article, that is funny, and/or are just plain o’l fun. Class Act is definitely all three of those things. I think Class Act is a slept on comedy that was fun to watch, but I rarely hear folks talk about it.

It starred the aforementioned hip-hop duo (Kid & Play), the late no-job-having Thomas Mikal Ford, Karyn Parsons, Doug E. Doug, and Pauley Shore. Who doesn’t like Pauley “Hey Bu-uhdddy” Shore!? And anytime you can retell an old ass story from Shakespeare or Mark Twain – in which Class Act comes from – and urbanize it, I’m all for it!

So Duncan Pinderhughes (Kid), a nerd, got his identity accidentally switched up with Blade Brown (Play), the tough street guy, in the form of their school transcripts and was forced to be each other as they entered into this new school. While Blade Brown was known as a delinquent, and Duncan was known as… well, still a nerd, were strangers from two different walks of life, this little mix up was the thing that both of them needed to teach them that it’s more to life than what they were accustomed to. It also brought out qualities that neither of the two knew they had. In hiding their identities from the rest of the world, this created well rounded human beings out of the both of them. They learned from each other while showing us that drugs are wrong (well, some of them), education is cool, and that you, too, could save 15% by switching to Geico. The end. Win. Win. Now, how is that not a good movie?

Til this day, I still watch this movie when I catch it on tv and always have a good time quoting lines that me and my friends used to joke about when we were kids, like “Blade Brown, yo ass is mine!” as you smack your fist into your hand. And of course, if you know Kid and Play movies, you know that there’s going to be a few songs that will have you bobbing your head and singing along with.

As I said, it’s a fun movie… with a good underlining lesson. And that is, we all could all use a different perspective, sometimes, to help bring out the best us.

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