And the Award (Finally) Goes to... Nas

And the Award (Finally) Goes to... Nas

There are few Hip Hop artists that garner the respect that Nas does. He is mentioned with the greatest rappers of all time (and is considered The GOAT by some). His debut album Illmatic (released April 19, 1994) is considered a classic by most connoisseurs of the genre. I had no idea he had never won a Grammy. He has had several commercially successful albums and singles and has enough notoriety that I, ignorantly, assumed he had. He finally won a Grammy Sunday, March 14, 2021. It’s still hard to believe given all of the incredible music he’s put out over the years. Here are just a few examples:

If I Ruled the World (1996)

One of my favorite songs from the Queens, NY artist and the first single from his most commercially successful album. His lyrics were thought provoking and Lauryn Hill is always a great addition. Based on the legendary Kurtis Blow’s song by the same name, “If I ruled the World” is a great example of Rap and 90’s Soul coming together.

Nas Is Like (1999)

By the time I Am… was released in 1999 DJ Premier had collaborated with Nas on several songs, going back to his debut. What made “Nas is Like” special was that it represented a return to the street music that was a big part of his come-up.

One Mic (2001)

“One Mic” was the last single released off of Nas’ fifth studio album but it was easily one of the best songs from the album. Critics praised the song and called it a classic. Nas is known for his lyrical ability, and this record is a great example of that.




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