An Ode to the Sidepiece

An Ode to the Sidepiece

COVER STORY | February 14 may be Valentine’s Day, but for some, the sharing of quality time begins on February 15; not by choice but by circumstance. National Side Piece Day, (affectionately, Jump-Off Day), is the day where your extracurricular affairs are celebrated and rekindled, some even in the daylight. 

For those who don’t know, V-Day is reserved for full commitment to your partner or spouse, then you reconnect with your sidepiece the day after. We at Zumble may not particularly approve; however, we recognize that there are different strokes for different folks; and that there is a song for every occasion.

Here’s a playlist of 90’s R&B songs to salute your sideline bae, work husband, and everything you miss at home for that temporary night until dawn-do-you-part. 

Xscape – My Little Secret
The ladies of Xscape are completely content with keeping their secret love on the QT. They even get a rush from befriending the main chick, while forming shadows in the dark with their confidential lover.

Joe – All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)

Joe Thomas is the work husband you never had. Always there with a shoulder to lean upon or to wipe your tears, he serves the first of many songs that feel your pain and eventually feel you. He won’t stop until he hears your mama scream.

Mokenstef – He’s Mine

Heralded as the side-chick anthem, Monifa, Kenya and Stefanie make time to check the girl who believes she’s more important than she truly is. It’s the savagery for me.

Luther Vandross – Your Secret Love
No one can make creepin’ sound smoother than Luther Vandross. Picking up on the signs of a cryptic mate, he realizes that he might be in a You, Me and He situation that he won’t stand for.

Meshell Ndegeocello – If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night)
The Neo-Soul pioneer faces off with her romantic rival on this confrontational braggado. Ndegeocello is in her rap bag, even breaking the concept down to a nursery level, “Yes, I had your boyfriend” taunts the official girl and wages war!

Pressha – Splackavellie

Pressha delivered this one hit wonder to explain the term for an essential worker who is always on-call. When your man ain’t doing you right, call the Splackavellie in your life.

Destiny’s Child featuring NEXT – If You Leave
When the ladies of Destiny’s Child connect with the men of NEXT, it’s time to put action behind promises. Making a deal to leave their significant others and run away together,  we hope that both parties hold up their end of the deal.

H-Town – Part-Time Lover
If you don’t mind, Dino, Shazam, and G.I. are ready and willing to work around your schedule to be the part-time lover in your life. Produced by DeVante Swing, the trio is fine being your side dude, making an offer that’s hard to refuse.

Kelly Price – As We Lay
The ultimate morning after theme song, Price breathed new life into this Shirley Murdock classic for a new generation, reviving its tale of the reality that dawns after a magical night. “It’s morning….”

R. Kelly – Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)
Say what you want, Robert Kelly gave us something to talk about with this gripping saga of entanglement with the boss’ wife. The cinematic music video only enhanced our caution of playing with fire and playing with Mr. Biggs. RIP, Fancy.

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