A Message From Jason Gray, Co-Founder/Creative Director

A Message From Jason Gray, Co-Founder/Creative Director

COVER STORY | Remember back in the 90’s when we would buy magazines, read them, then ripped the pictures/posters out and hang them up on our walls? Well, I do! That was my thought process behind the design of our new website. Our website is just one big 90’s magazine. The goal of Zumble! is to create a future for the 90’s. Most, if not all of us, love the 90’s and we really don’t have a place that’s specifically created for us to experience it daily. That’s the main reason we will create content that’s mainly focused on the 90’s. I’m absolutely excited about this because it’s different, it’s fresh and it’s new. It’s nothing out like this out right now and that’s something for us to all be proud of. 

Our company is transitioning into a more media-based company. We started The Zumble Podcast NetworkZumbleTV!, The Zumble Game Show Network, and relaunched Cards For The Culture. All of our media will be in-house. It’s going to be a process of learning and making mistakes but I want you all to experience this journey with us. Yes, we still sell and create trivia games but I don’t want us to be known for just that. We are all diverse individuals and I want Zumble! to show that.  And honestly, I was tired of only sending emails and posting on Instagram when I was trying to sell something. It didn’t sit right with me. I’m not a salesman. I want to provide value or at least inspire people to not overthink their dreams and just do it. That’s exactly what we’re doing over here at Zumble!. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, in terms of building a media company but this is something I feel very passionate about and I’m willing to learn.  Yes, I am aware we will make mistakes and even sometimes embarrass ourselves, but who cares? I tell people all the time, I’m a PROGRESSIONIST, not a perfectionist. Am I nervous? Hell Yes! Why? Because I’ve spent the last 2 years building up Zumble as a trivia game brand and now all of sudden I’m sacrificing that to build a media company. We’re going to lose tons of money (even followers) because of this but I’m okay with that because I know in the grand scheme of things, I’m trying to providing value to people that support us and money doesn’t drive me, at all. So if you have an idea or something you want to get off the ground, just do the shit. Don’t let people make you feel like it has to be perfect, it doesn’t. People often forget, we, as black business owners don’t have the resources to come out the gate looking magnificent. I learned that a long time ago. The people that it’s for, they’ll stay and enjoy the ride. Don’t get caught up in likes, impressions, etc. Those are vanity stats. Once you learn to be a process person and not a results person… business and life become easier.

Another reason I felt like I needed to go in this direction is that I got to a point, where I felt like we weren’t getting the recognition we deserved as a small relatively successful black-owned business (I played sports growing up so I’m ultra-competitive). So, instead of sitting around waiting for someone to discover us and create headlines for us… I decided we’ll create our own headlines and opportunities. That’s why it’s a section on our website called, Zumble News!. I’ll be honest, I saw a list that someone created with 100 black-owned game designers and Zumble! wasn’t on it. Now, I have my theories as to why but the fire and competitive nature of my personality took it personally — not in a bad way though. More like, we still got work to do. I can admit, I’m weird. I will create scenarios in my head of people doubting me and it makes a switch go off in my head, even if it’ false. I read a story that Jordan and Kobe would create false realities about their opponents doubting them to dominate them. Yes, I’m like Jordan and Kobe lol. But for real,  I didn’t come into this for recognition but to help people create experiences with their friends, family, and loved ones. That’s it!

I also want to give credit to our audience on Instagram for sparking this sudden change, too. I don’t post on our timeline too often (that’s soon to change), but I do post Instastories every day and it’s another reason why I felt like this would be a great idea. Anytime I post anything 90’s (the early 2000s) related, people respond to it and we talk about it. It showed me that people will engage with this type of content. I really appreciate the interactions. This is why it’s important to interact with people that support you.

While this is only the MVP (minimum viable product) of what the website will ultimately look like, I felt it was important for us to launch it now. I say, give us about 4-6 months, and you’ll see where we are trying to take this. We’re slowly building out a team of black creators so we can take this to the next level. I will send emails more often about our progress and not just about “RESTOCKING.”

For everybody that has purchased games from us and continue to support us through all the changes, I sincerely appreciate it. I LOVE Y’ALL!!!!

Don’t judge my writing. I didn’t learn how to read until 5th grade lol!!! 

Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram anytime @hellozumble or email me at hellozumble@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

-Jason G.


New Logo!

Remember when I said, “Zumble! is one big 90’s magazine?” Of course, you do. Well, I wanted to create a logo that reflects the new direction of our brand. Growing up, I used to read Word Up! magazine, Right On! magazine, right before I ripped the pages out of them. I wanted to take elements from those logos as inspiration to help create the feel of what this brand is going to be.


Zumble! Relaunches Cards For The Culture.

Cards For The Culture is BACK!!!! Not only did we redesign Zumble! — we also relaunched and redesigned the Cards For The Culture website. The new Cards For The Culture site is colorful and robust. I felt like it was important to create a colorful brand that represents all the different types of games we have to offer. I also wanted to relaunch Cards For The Culture because I wanted to create a platform for other black-owned trivia games. We (the culture) are going to build our own table.

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  1. Jason,
    I love this! I noticed the new logo and thought things would be revamped, but not to this magnitude! You better manifest this, King! I will continue to support the brand, vision, growth, and culture of Zumble! I appreciate your transparency with this transition and your courage in stepping outside of the box and embarking on various outlets for the growth of the business. That act alone will reflect how genuine your followers are. I welcome this change and enjoyed the nostalgic posts; the 90’s is my FAVORITE era! Congrats, Jason the best is yet to come!

    1. Thank you sooooo much! I appreciate this so much. I can’t wait until this grows. I’m trying to experience the 90’s every day with y’all.

  2. Bro this is so dope I appreciate what you’re doing even though I’m in my 40’s the 90’s were like the banner year for the culture… thanks for this and keep up the good work good brother

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