A Family Affair: Brandy and Ray J

A Family Affair: Brandy and Ray J

There are several instances of siblings in the entertainment industry. We all know Tia and Tamera, and even the Olsen twins. But Brandy and Ray J were different. Not only did they have successful careers in television, but they also had huge success in the music industry. It’s not every day that you see a brother and sister capable of that. They have each gone through some adversity over the years, as is the case for many individuals that have lived the majority of their lives in the spotlight, but overall have managed to make it out

The family-friendly show about a father, Frank, his two children and new wife, aired on January 23, 1996. It was quickly regarded as a hit and helped introduce us to talents such as Countess Vaughn and if your weren’t a fan of 90’s rap, it may have also been your first experience with Fredro Starr (form the group Onyx). Ray J wasn’t introduced as Dorian until season 5, but he quickly became a fan favorite. There have been several other shows that the duo have appeared in over the years, including stints on reality television like “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business”.

Brandy released her self-titled debut album in September of 1994. The album went multiplatinum and helped make her a household name. Ray J didn’t release his first album, “Everything You Want” until 1997 and it didn’t have the same reception as his sister’s first album, failing to chart on the Billboard 200. Over the years he has put out successful music such as “Sexy Can I” featuring Yung Berg and “One Wish”.


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