90's Snacks

90's Snacks

Cover Story | Part of my 90’s experience revolved around what I ate, and I ate a lot of snacks. From the time I left home until the time I got back, I was eating some kind of chip, pie, cookie, etc. I’ve had a 99-cent bag of Cheetos, a zebra cake, and a fifty-cent juice for lunch more than a few times. Here are some of the snacks that come to my mind when I think of the 90’s.

Ice Cream Truck

I know it’s cold now, but in the summertime the ice cream truck used to be a life saver. I can’t even choose just one flavor either. As a kid I liked the ninja turtles’ popsicles, but as I grew up, I started favoring the strawberry shortcake bars, and later soft serve with an assortment of toppings. I think maybe because a lot of kids don’t go outside, they don’t understand how important the ice cream truck used to be.

Flaming Hots

I spent many days walking the hallways of my school with an open bag of chips in my bookbag that I would eat as quietly as I could in class. I know that different regions have their own chip brands, but the Flaming Hots were everywhere (I’m pretty sure). I used to get mine with cheese and meat (jalapeños too if they had them). It’s terrible have often I ate them, and even worse that I want a bag now.

Little Debbie’s

I don’t really eat sweets now, but I used to like them like everyone else and Little Debbie’s had some of the best. Walking through the snack aisle of the corner store as a kid with a couple of dollars in his pocket was the actual meaning of “a kid in a candy store”. From oatmeal cream pies and chocolate cupcakes to honey buns and nutty buddy’s, Little Debbie had your snacking essentials. The company celebrated its 60th anniversary this year.

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