Rule the Legend

Rule the Legend

Ja Rule has been on the receiving end of a lot of jokes. Between his feud with 50 Cent to the Federal investigation and later dismantling of his record label, Murda Inc Records, there was a lot to poke fun at. However, there was a time when the name was respected in the Hip Hop community. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Ja Rule was one of the biggest acts in Rap. He had 4 platinum or better albums with a decent-sized list of hits and features to boast.

Holla Holla (1999)

Ja Rule’s first single was a mixture of gritty lyrics with a catchy hook and up-tempo beat. It was the only single off his Venni Vetti Vecci album and helped propel it to platinum status.

Ain’t it Funny (Murda Mix) (2002)

Along with having a string of his own hit singles Ja Rule was also well known for his features on some other artists’ tracks. This collaboration with Jennifer Lopez was one of the biggest of his career.

Always on Time (2001)

Another huge single for the recording artist, “Always on Time” was the second from Rule’s third studio Album Pain is Love. The song stay on top of the Billboard Top 100 for 2 weeks. The single also helped to propel the career of his label mate Ashanti into stardom.

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