90s R&B EP: Redemption

90s R&B EP: Redemption

COVER STORY | In the last episode of the “In Living Culture” podcast I wasn’t prepared. Well, a more accurate description would be; I was very prepared, but for a different topic. But Jason G. and I put together a 90s R&B EP, with 10 songs each, and needless to say, many of my choices missed the mark. I decided that in order to redeem myself, I should put together an actual 90s R&B EP with 10 songs that I would actually play if I had a special evening planned with a nice woman.

First let’s start with sequencing, something I had a difficult time with in the episode. I want my night to start off light, with some small talk over a couple of drinks and maybe ass in a little two-step. My selections to start the night would be:

  1. 112 ft. The Notorious B.I.G. – Only You
  2. Usher – You Make Me Wanna
  3. Next – Too Close
Usher – My Way | Courtesy of Google


These are all up-tempo songs that work well playing softly in the background over chilled champagne and a little flirting. It’s also the kind of music that encourages getting up and dancing a bit. The placement here isn’t a coincidence either. 112 ft. Biggie is a fire song that most people can enjoy, but by the time we get to Next it’s getting a little more intimate, besides the plan was getting “too close” anyway.

After the warm-up, the drinks have started to kick in and we should both be pretty comfortable. This isn’t the time to move too quickly, however. Right now is the time to make your intentions clear, while letting her know there’s no rush. We got all night boo. The following songs are meant to make that clear:

  1. Tony Terry – With You
  2. Johnny Gill – My my my
  3. En Vogue – Giving Him Something He Can Feel

As you can see, we have slowed the tempo quite a bit at this point. Giving her a little Tony Terry is definitely going to take the slow dancing to another level. At this point, I’m whispering the words in her ear: “When I’m with you I wonder why people just stop and stare and smile at us. When I’m with you the sun shines my way. Baby our love reflects its rays of light on everyone in the world”. (Will you please talk to her for me Mr. Terry!)

Johnny Gill and En Vogue should already have us making our way to the bedroom and getting ready to cap the night off. At that point, it’s important to have the correct ambiance. We need the candles, the flower petals, incense burning… all of that. Along with that, the music has to be on point. This is when we get to the mood music that seals the deal.

  1. Changing Faces – Stroke You Up
  2. AZ Yet – Last Night
  3. D’Angelo – Untitled
  4. Shai – If I Ever Fall in Love (not the acapella version)
Shai – If I Ever Fall in Love | Courtesy of Google


These songs should encompass the rest of your experience. With Changing Faces and AZ Yet as the soundtrack to the lovemaking and D’Angelo and Shai finishing up and taking you off to dreamland. Well, I’m not sure what she’s going to do, but I’m positive that a nap will be coming shortly.

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